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by Arnold Wolfgang

insideoutside i window door sculpture stairs inside outside angel arnold wolfgang

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Published: Sunday 25th of January 2015 08:00:14 PM


Fred G

Since photography, to begin with IMO, allows for interesting plays between what's "real" and what's imagined or decontextualized, having the sculpted angel so casually sitting inside the doorway as if having a cup of coffee has a quite charming and metaphorical presence. Though you obviously needed this angle to see him through the doorway thus, the geometry and the inclusion of the rising staircase also makes sense and gives the photo a nice grounding.

Drew Bayless

!! !!

Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Ruud, Fred, Drew,

many thanks for your comments - they prove that my idea to "focus" the viewers gaze on the little angel worked. It caught my eye, because this shop contrasted to the rather depressing neighborhood (a small town near former border between east and west Germany, where it still very well visible that this had been kind of "end of the world" for many decades).

Ruud Albers

A beautiful composition, Wolfgang!


Jack McRitchie
I see the little angel has fallen asleep at the table again. Nice picture.

Wolfgang Arnold
inside / outside First photo of a short series (others to follow still...).

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