by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled black white forest wood pine shadow light arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Fangorn

Tags: black white forest wood pine shadow light

Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 2nd of December 2014 08:59:13 PM


Franz Weber
Tolle Wirkung in s/w.

Pierre Dumas
Relaxing lanscape photo!

Great mood and atmosphere here, Wolfgang!


Thank you for your recent visit!


Best regards



Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment - indeed, it was the light and "given" tonality that made me take these photos.

Haven't seen many new photos from you lately...

Jack McRitchie
Oh, this is wonderful! Your toning here is crucial in conveying the thrill of exploration and adventure with a soupcon of mystery and unknown dangers as we plunge into the woods. This seems the beginning of a good fairytale.

Tatjana Adizes


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