by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled light shadow stairs monochromatic triangle black w arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set I: Shapes

Tags: light shadow stairs monochromatic triangle black white concrete seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Monday 17th of November 2014 08:19:27 PM


Highly interesting view. Very elegant.

Michail Lipakis

Fine art indeed.

Simple and elegant*.



*Like most of your work from what i can see.

Jack McRitchie
That's about it, light shadow, stairs. But what a powerful conbination when it can be conceptualized in a photograph.

stephanie c

i love this sort of  thing.. designs of light.  a glimpse of sunlight. not everyone would have seen this.. i am glad you did

Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Michail, Alberto,

many thanks for your comments :-) I took this in spring - and it needed a bit "maturing" on my harddisk bevor publishing...

Wolfgang Arnold
Light, Shadow, Stairs ...

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