by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled shadow black silhouette monochromatic white seekin arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set I: Shapes

Tags: shadow black silhouette monochromatic white seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 13th of November 2014 08:43:40 PM


Sadegh Miri

Just perfect! Best regards/Sadegh

Wolfgang Arnold

:-) unfortunately, I'm most of the time stuck in good old Europe - but Japan is on my list of "to be travelled to" destinations.

Wolfgang Arnold

true - I have quite often the impression that many of our photos complement each or interact in some way. We should have a common exhibition :-)

Jack McRitchie
I swear, sometimes I feel like your images could as easily be mine, our approach to photography is often so similar.

Jack McRitchie
Wolfgang That's a great idea. When are you coming to Japan? On second thought I don't think many of the people here would have any idea what the hell we were doing taking pictures of empty restaurant and cut off shadows when there are so many beautiful temples and cherry blossoms and sunsets to shoot. :-))

Wolfgang Arnold
Light... ...and shadow.

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