insignia of power

by Arnold Wolfgang

insignia of power bokeh fall autumn hommage leaves car mercedes with arnold wolfgang

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Published: Saturday 1st of November 2014 09:12:10 AM


Jack McRitchie
Bits and pieces to be assembled and appreciated by the active mind. I like pictures that don't just stop at their borders, asking nothing more than to be applauded, but seem to jump around like an electron in quantum physics and develop a life of their own in the mind of the viewer. PS: Thanks for introducing me to the work of John Gossage. Certainly an interesting photographer.

Amy Helmick

Maybe I hsve been watching too much TV and it is the Halloween season, but this one has a sinister feel to me. The way you have framed it is mysterious, Something seems amiss here, in a scary movie kind of way. Nice!


stephanie c

a cool pic. love the  in and out of focus and that symbol.. something errie about this

Maurizio Moro

You had a great and clever idea, nice the result!

Gunnar Vaht

I like the contrast of the details, first of all it is well seen and presented. Strong image.

Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Amy, Maurizio

many thanks for your comments.

@Maurizio: at least to some extent I owe the "idea" part to John Gossage who had taken many of the photographs in his book at similar light - and most of the cars in the book have some 'patina'.

@Amy: I'm glad about your comment - because, I tried to get some threatening undercurrent into the photo.

@Jack: your comments are on par with your photos - many thanks for your words. I became curious about John Gossage when reading some of Gerry Badger's texts - and what I like about his work is, that he's not only a good artist but also good photographer.

Wolfgang Arnold
stephanie, Gunnar,

many thanks for your comments!

Wolfgang Arnold
Hommage to John Gossage Inspired by the book "The 32'' Ruler / Maps of Babylon" by John Gossage.

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