Hanging Out at the Tower

by Tsoi Wilson

hanging out at the tower tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 30th of September 2003 02:28:14 AM


Pearce Darnell
this is a good story teller !!! But ,there are some problem with the impact of overall sceen !!! sometime , simplier is better . keep tryin to improve with the good eye u possess !!!!

Jonathan Small
Nice composition. I like the effect of the lit-up Eiffel Tower with the bright foreground

Peter Free
Nicely Done I like this picture very much. The technical execution is admirable. I enjoy the detail and dynamic complexity that forces my eye to roam the scene. You've captured the vibrance of the evening life that surrounds the tower. A simpler composition would make a different statement, I think. It probably wouldn't interest me as much. However, I tolerate visual anarchy better than some, and my comment should be evaluated with that in mind.

Kenneth Kwan
I really like this! The mix of ambient and artificial light is perfect. The composition is balanced between the tower and the girls. And the sharp vs. blur works wonderfully well here. Well-seen, well-executed.

Adrian Toparcean
Captured the mood very well After shooting this picture, I would've tried to move a little bit to the right, to avoid having so much concrete in the right corner. Nice picture, nonetheless.

MD .
The photo works because you have a strong element in the foreground, i.e. the two girls. That also means you could not get rid of the stairs. The photo is good as it is, I would include more of the sky and a bit space to the right. The image being cropped as it is, is a bit sqweezed. Try to design your photos so that you have people facing you, by having the two girls photographed from behind you lost social content.

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