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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Evgeni Rozenshtein
Very funny one! May be next time try to add some light on the hands of the right "twin" with a small silver light reflector... Even aluminum foil on the book can do the job.

Jim Swenson
Twins, twice as nice. I like it.

John Peri
Many thanks Peter. Someone is coming round soon to show me some of the subtilities of PS. That may work!

Armindo Lopes
That's a nice train...

nixon sinambela
Beatiful Girls Creative picture, better if you using studio to get better lighting effect, and I think you should pay attention for the back ground

Anthony Peterson
Your missing the shadow of the rear girl on the front girl and on the wall (two light sources: ambient, from window and from a flash?). I can clearly see the shadow on the wall from the front girl and to her right, correct? Plus there should be small impressions on her back from the weight of the hands. Maybe use liquify or something after selecting the hands and then changing layers? Nice idea.

John Peri
Yes Anthony, I just didn't manage to figure out the shadow business. I'll have to work on it. Thanks.

John Peri
Twins again Another shot in the "twins" series (with a twinkle in the eye...). The hands were difficult to handle (sic) with the differences in exposure. If anyone has any ideas ...... ?

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