by Arnold Wolfgang

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Published: Saturday 4th of October 2014 06:16:18 PM


Timo Hartikainen

Good stuff...I thought it's three photos combined when I saw the thumbnail photo, but it seems to be a photograph taken by a very talented photographer.

John Hill

Wolfgang, I love photos that make me stop for a second to figure out what it is. You passed with flying colors. Correction.... you passed with black and whites:)

Wolfgang Arnold
Amy, Jack,

many thanks for your continuous support :-)

In fact, this is no collage: the foreground is the top of a small wall on a dam. I just selected the frame so that only the shapes of reflections and drying water were caught. Lifting "secrets" of a photo always comes with the risk that some of magic gets lost - yet for you I'm happy to take that risk: here's a photo from the same location that reveals more context.

Cheers, Wolfgang

Drew Bayless


Jack McRitchie
Bizarre. Wonderful. This is just the type of picture that rivets my attention. The startling contrasts in texture and the unusual division of the picture plane gives this the feeling of a particularly powerful and enveloping dream, seemingly symbolic and just a little frightening. I'm not sure if it's a collage or exactly how you got this shot but the effect gives me a jolt.

Jack McRitchie
Wolfgang Your second picture, though not as mysterious, is also an exceptional photograph. You have a wonderful alertness to the possibilities of time and place.

Amy Helmick

Wouter, this one really is outstanding. My first impression was that of sheet aluminum curling back (like from the old style sardine cans), but then the triangles are not properly aligned for that image to ring true. I keep looking and looking. I don't know why it is so appealing, but it certainly is. Obviously, very well framed.

And, of course I agree with everything that Jack already said so much more eloquently.


Wolfgang Arnold
The rain had ceased... ...and while drying on the retaining wall it developed shapes that mirrored the reflections of the mountains.

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