by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled shadow monochrome doorway tonality seeking critiqu arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set II: Tonality

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Published: Wednesday 24th of September 2014 06:24:52 PM


Jack McRitchie
Angled surfaces and the play of light - a satisfying and intelligently composed picture. The only thing I'm not so sure of is that bright sliver of an opening on the extreme left. I don't like how the top of the doorway there interrupts the flow.

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your feedback - you have point... and I don't (yet) have a good solution. If I simply crop the doorway, the photo loses a bit of rhythm (I like how the light/dark corner repeats). Here I've played a bit with the tonality: darkened highlight in the doorway and brightened the light on the protruding ledge - let's see whether the subtle changes survive the PN compression...

Jack McRitchie
Wolfgang The side by side comparison is most instructive and I can now spot the difference, subtle though it may be. That little slice of doorway actually seems more pronounced but paradoxically, I much prefer the re-worked version. For some reason it seems more sure of itself, if that makes sense.

Jack McRitchie
It's really hard to tell because you have to scroll back and forth and the changes are quite subtle. It's like those puzzle pictures that look almost identical but you have to spot the minute changes. My impression is that it's an improvement but I can't say for absolutely certain. Either way, it's a beautifully rhythmic picture.

Wolfgang Arnold

Jack, many thanks for returning - true, I should have put both versions in one frame right away. Anyway, difference is really subtle - I wanted to keep a realistic impression.

Mark, many thanks for your comment and providing a different view!

Mark Zell

Wolfgang, I love the contrast in texture, and the shadows.  I don't think the light band on the left is very distracting, and I do like the repetition it creates (as you mentioned).  Another cropping possibility is to cut out the ceiling - but whether losing that detail makes it better is debatable.

Wolfgang Arnold
Light and shadow... ...in a doorway.

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