by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled architecture shadow monochromatic arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set I: Shapes

Tags: architecture shadow monochromatic

Category: Fine Art

Published: Wednesday 17th of September 2014 08:23:57 PM


Jörg Vetter

Grest structural work and light. BR JV

vlad khodski

Excellent graphics!

Mark Zell

Wolfgang, you have taken the geometry of the structure and the shadows and created a well-balanced composition.  There is precision in the lines and edges of the subject, and it is obvious that your point of view was well-considered to align certain features.  And your framing is equally precise.  I especially like the repeated rectangles in the canopy and the foundation.  Very nicely done!

Eric Kaufman
I really like the composition and the tonal range.

Maurizio Moro

Perfect and very clever B/W!

Antony Long

Hi Wolfgang

So many interesting visual elements created by light and shade within this structure. Excellent.



Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Maurizio, Mark, Eric, Vlad, Antony,

many thanks for all your comments - I highly appreciate them!

I was a bit lucky when I came across this structure: the shadow just had the right angle so that I could match it with the vanishing line of the roof on the left hand side.

Jack McRitchie
Brilliant picture, Wolfgang. If Mondrian had picked up a camera and started taking b&w pictures, I'm sure it would have look something like this. I'm struck by the feeling that the space seems both empty and full at the same time.

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