The Loch

by Reyzin Lev

the loch reyzin lev

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Published: Monday 25th of August 2014 02:34:34 PM


Craig Allen
Nicely captured but appears to be the wrong time of day (which makes the contrast too harsh). The background mountain is a little washed out and the shadows on the left a bit much, IMO. I hope you do not take this as an insult because that is not how I mean it. My intention is to give honest feedback and hopefully help people improve (not that I'm a master by any stretch of the imagination). If I were you I would definitely revisit this place at sunrise or sunset because I love your composition.

Ernest Wong, CA
nice shot

Craig Allen

That is the double-edged sword of landscape photography :-) we find a perfect location and take the time to get there and then Mother Nature says "nope, not today".  I have many location that are still on my list for this same reason.  For me it is frustrating and yet extremely fun and makes the shots when we finally get them so rewarding.  Take care and I look forward to a follow up shot as this composition is really, really nice.


Lev Reyzin

Craig, thank you for the critique.  I think you're quite right; I took this in the morning, which was not a good time.  That area has t-storms nearly every day, which make timing hard, but that's no excuse :)

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