Dream 3

by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Saturday 27th of September 2003 05:25:07 PM


Jeff Davidson
Interesting, John.... My eye starts on the left, with your full image of the raincoated woman, and quickly moves to the top right, where I see the two familiar woman from another image, I beleive. I am led to the bottom, where I see a bottom. Next I am pulled to the woman whose torso is showing, and finally to the woman who you modified using a swirl filter. The whole thing is disturbingly busy, but perhaps that is how dreams go. The improper flow is not balletic as I would have hoped it to be, but rather it is tipped on its edge, ready to fall apart any moment, just like the nightmare awakening me. or perhpas the alarm clock. Odd, interesting, compelling piece.

John Peri
Thanks Jeff. That's a nice analysis. I really had no pre-conceived idea of what I wanted when I set out, other than to create a harmonious image. To me, the figure in the overcoat invites the viewer into the picture which the seated person is contemplating .... but then, each one has to make his own interpretation .....

Kathy Strong
Hold on just a damned minute here John..... You stole these girls out of one of MY dreams!! Nice work John, its very creative.

Armindo Lopes
Very good composition and technically well done.

Philippe Rapoport
May I come in?

Matt Swaim
Cat!!! I see a cats head on top right. and it seems as though the rest of the picture could be its body. awesome work, man - inspiring

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