by Arnold Wolfgang

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Published: Sunday 15th of June 2014 08:01:56 PM


Barbara Corvino

Great capture, I like a lot.

Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Fred, Boris,

many thanks for your comments! I'm always glad when the feedback I get, proves that my ideas worked well.

This is the - literally - dead end of one of the terminals of Palma de Mallorca airport. While airports are often bustling places, I was happy to find this spot with a very different atmosphere.

@Fred: great story - I start feeling old when having to explain my kids (growing up with internet and cell phones) dial phones (and other innovations of the past) appearing in movies.

Boris Bugan
good, Wolfie


Fred G

This is really quite an elegant photo to look at. As Jack already notices, the balance is great, from the darks to the lights and from the signs on either side of the men and arrows to the near perfect reflections. The high key of the jet waiting outside is exceptionally done and the man in the corner, his scale in the frame, as tiny as he is makes him a standout subject. The asymmetry of the hnging signs to the right of center is almost jet-like in its shape and feel. Really excellent handling of the lighting, which makes the photo. In the old days, he might have been reading a newspaper. I just saw a charming move, The Great Seduction, about  a small harbor fishing community up in Canada. The young, hip doctor who comes to help out has to adjust to old style dial phones, since they have no cell service. The director does a good job of making his fingers look uncomfortable every time they dial the phone. There may be a lot of obesity these days, but at least our texting fingers are all well exercised.


Anyway, getting back to this photo, for some reason, it feels like a parable. Maybe man's smallness in the universe, maybe our place beside technology, which we've created but has overtaken us, maybe the serenity of light, and maybe a longing to be home . . . or somewhere else.

Jack McRitchie
There is no escape, the damn internet is with us always, even in the corners of deserted airports. Nicely balanced shot, Wolfgang.

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