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Published: Saturday 17th of May 2014 07:15:14 PM


Wolfgang Arnold

great comment - I'm glad you appreciate my photo - many thanks!

Bachir Taouti

It's as if the sky with the passing clouds stopped for a moment and the differents fields... the one with the geometrical dark coat and the slim one behind it far away also saw you coming and while standing at the slope seeing these peaceful orders of nature your heart suddenly throbbed. Then, the wise tree in the epicentre of this grace, gently asked you to listen to this symphonie of nature... What an exquisite harmony of beauty and time!  Thank you very much for sharing this awesome photograph! Best wishes,

Mark Zell

There is a lot of harmony here with texture, shape, and value.  Your composition is impeccable.  The scene makes me long for an isolated prairie under a big sky; it recalls my travels through the Flint Hills in Kansas.

Fred G

I love the way the shadow and light converge on the lone tree in the distance, the way the land has such a geometric yet organic feel to it while the sky has a much more elusive and ethereal feel. It works so well as a whole and points without being overbearing. It has great depth, even with the strong yet natural contrasts. It's very photographic, meaning it captures nature well as a photo and honors both the reality and the photo.

Wolfgang Arnold
Mark, Fred,

many thanks for your comments & thoughts.

@Mark: your comment reminded me of your Iowa.jpg. This photo shows a  patch of farmland near the place I live in the west of Germany. The landscape is probably similarily unremarkable like Flint Hills (at least that's the impression I got from a short visit via Googel Earth) - but all in all the area is more densely populated - yet, with some islands of green like this.

@Fred: your comments are always a pleasure to read - many thanks! So, while the landscape as such may not be remarkable or sublime, it is a matter of light and observation to get a "picture".

Robert Melone

Excellent use of light and shadow with this intriguing composition Wolfgang! Would make a nice addition to a landscape book. BR, Rob

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