"Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares"

by Arnold Wolfgang

mysterious semblance at the strand of nightmares swan seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Copyright : Copyright 2014 Wolfgang Arnold - CC BY-SA 3.0

Published: Saturday 10th of May 2014 01:47:16 PM


Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your thoughts and comments!

Pnina Evental

I don't uderstand the title,....(explanation please).


But it is very beautifuly composed and lighted, does not look like nightmares....;-))

Wolfgang Arnold

well, the caption is the title of a song by Tangerine Dream of their 1974 album Phaedra - an early work of electronic music and rather experimental work...

Anyway, for some reason the song title (not the music itself) came to my mind when I came across this little pond just after sunset. I found the scene (with the lighting from below) in an inexplicable way weird, a bit uncanny even - somewhere between 'dream' and 'nightmare' (and neither only the one or the other).

So, it's very interesting that you find it beautiful (so, I guess, I got the esthetics right) and not at all nightmarish. Maybe I underestimated the symbolism of the swan - or we simply react differently to it.

So, many thanks for your comment - it made me think about my photo :-)

Pnina Evental

Thanks for the wide explanation,I really enjoyed reading it, as well as the electronic music (ien.)....;-))

Jack McRitchie
Beautifully executed; this has the feeling of an Old Master's painting, especially the effective use of chiaroscuro.

Donna Pallotta

like a ballet, Wolfgang.. melodic... the wood piece and the swan appear to be dancing... the movement created by the shapes and the light...could they be lovers?...the light is wonderful!... the strange mysterious metaphors we create in the darkness of our sleep... wow   ;-} dp

stephanie c

its a lot of different things to me. the beautiful bird white swan that represents everything pure  and grace and beauty seems to have l anded in the darkness. its mystical for me and mysterious and i love the light just emphasized on the important part of the photo.  keeps us drawn in and  makes us wonder what is going on here?

Wouter Willemse

To me, maybe more than dreamy, it's a mysterious atmosphere. The swan, seemingly out of place and context, the stones making sense, and a solid ground, and the tree revealing the "weird" angle under which we're observing; the highlight on the tree like an indicator where to go. Alice falling down the wrong tunnel, to encounter the wrong animal - is it wonderland or not? Maybe a future photo will reveal that.

Wolfgang Arnold
A nocturnal encounter. For some inscrutable reason this reminded me of a song title: "Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares" by Tangerine Dream.

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