Rorschach I - dyke crown

by Arnold Wolfgang

rorschach i dyke crown levee clouds thistle arnold wolfgang

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Category: Landscape

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Copyright : Copyright 2013 Wolfgang Arnold - CC BY-SA 3.0

Published: Saturday 26th of April 2014 07:57:29 PM


Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment & fully agree: great minds think alike :-)

Jack McRitchie
I finally got around to viewing these three pictures. They present images of our usual world with just enough of a magician's twist to knock our gyroscope off course for a second. It's in that brief instant that there is the possibility of magic. And if we're not reaching for magic, what's the point? The only problem is that most people want to take the magic and incorporate it into their view of the safely known and explainable universe where mystery succumbs to logic and rationality. PS: I saw your reply to Scott after writing my comments and it seems that I read your intent very well. Great minds think alike. :-))

Stephanie Luke

I'm glad to see you going here. I think it stimulates something in the brain. Not sure exactly what, but I know it makes me see things I didn't before, and that is always a good thing, as far as I'm concerned at this point of my life!

Scott Murphy

The image is sharp and well exposed. If I might make a few suggestions. I am assuming that the scraggly bush in the middle of the frame is what you picked as a subject. It is rather small in the frame and placed dead in the middle. That makes the composition static. The post in the foreground, being "closer" to the viewer is what gets your attention. It might have been better had it not been there. Also, an imaginative idea making a mirror image of the clouds, but it is very obvious and again, rather distracting. I guess you could say there is a lot going on in this image but really nothing going on, if that makes sense.

Wolfgang Arnold
Stephanie, Scott,

many thanks for your comments and thoughts.

@Scott: your detailed feedback is highly appreciated. This is an experiment and every experiment comes with the risk of failure... :-).

My aim was to disconcert the viewer. The photo should come at first sight as a very unsuspicious, even boring image (therefore the dead center placement). At second gaze the viewer should notice: hey, something's wrong here, this can't be real. It's in a way an attempt to challenge our viewing habits and the way photos are typically received.

The off center post is supposed to be a clue saying not the whole photo is mirrored. So, if you say the mirrored clouds are distracting and the image motivated a detailed reply - the experiment was to some degree even working.

So, many thanks for your thoughts and feedback!

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