various surfaces and shadow of a canopy

by Arnold Wolfgang

various surfaces and shadow of a canopy light stone metal abstract lines gra arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set II: Tonality

Tags: light shadow stone metal abstract canopy lines graphic wood seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

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Copyright : Copyright 2014 Wolfgang Arnold - CC BY-SA 3.0

Published: Thursday 3rd of April 2014 08:02:45 PM


Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

Great lines and balance like how the centre line breaks the uniformity of the image, well seen.

Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, stephanie,

many thanks for your comments :-)

JeffS L

It is.  Just because.  Momentary precision.  Fleet-footed and then gone.  You were there--which is what we all try to tell the world with our captures.

stephanie c

Jack has a brilliant idea... it just make you feel warm and calm looking at it. 

Jack McRitchie
This really does have the perfectly ordered feeling of an oil painting rather than a photograph. It should be seen large against a white museum or gallery wall.

Wolfgang Arnold
Surfaces, lines,... ...shadow.

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