Water flows, Wind blows

by Raun Lars

water flows wind blows sandisk compactflash mb skagen w raun lars

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Published: Sunday 21st of September 2003 09:51:18 AM


Guido Fulgenzi
Excellent work,composition and color are greats,congrats!

Jairo Sanchez
i really like this!

Jonas Nielsen
7/7 Hold da op - sikke et smukt billede...

Doeke Koedijk
Love it!

Igor Laptev
Beautiful image!

Dominic .
7/7 Beautiful photograph, I love the blue and the green, good work!!

Dave Kroetsch
Outstanding! Absolutely excellent! Fantastic composition. The intensities could not have been more perfect. Very well done.

Keld Nielsen
Great Excellent moody composition

Nina I. Andersen
7/7 Simply awesome!

Aaron Litvinoff
granted water flows and wind blows, but where is the water in this picture? all i can see is sand. again - give the text on pictures a break! its a damn amazing picture. you go to some cool parts the world

Jim McNitt
Fabulous work, Lars. Excellent sense of mood and place.--Jim

Fabrizio Jacoangeli
A Great work !

Kim kyungsang
Composition well expression! regards Kim.

Zacarias Mata

Monika Brand

Mike Trobee
Diffinately a "Wow" picture.

steve champagne
Excellent!! Very well done ! Beautiful composition!

Christopher Appoldt
Very cool, and very cool post-processing - would love to know what you did with this! Can't help but wonder if there'd be just a little more tension in the image if her head were tilted back...

Airi Pung
Beautiful! Nice shot!

Tore Nilsson
I like the drama from the light wind and composition here, excellent work. Best Regards Tore

Myra M
Well done, really nice picture.

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