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by Manssila Juha

a baltic nature sea landscape seeking critique manssila juha

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Published: Sunday 19th of January 2014 12:03:19 PM


Christoph Geiss
in my opinion the narrow depth of field does not work well. The blurry foreground is a biit distracting. The blurry trees in the background work well, though. Beautiful colors and scene!

Juha Manssila

Christoph, Larry.. Thank You for comments! I agree that the image lacks foreground "appeal"

I should reshoot the scene some day...

Larry Greenbaum

Juha,  I agree with Christoph.  I applaud you for getting out in the cold to capture this one - at least you know the camera works in this weather.  Larry

Juha Manssila
Baltic Sea Dawn Minus 14 Degrees Celcius Comments and ratings are appreciated... Thank You!

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