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Gallery: JMT 2003

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Published: Friday 19th of September 2003 06:54:33 PM


Tyler Frans
I personally disagree with you Bradley. I see enough of the boots to catch that they're there... and so did you. I think for me the ruggedness in this photo with the dark browns and then the dirt on the hat bring a fulfilling feel. As in hey I worked hard and I was rewarded. Great photo, I'm a big fan!

bradley j
I agree...generally :-) I like this picture for the depth of focus, for the quality of light, and for the textures you've presented (cloth, leather, stitching, etc.). I presume your hat is resting on your boots, but I would like just a little more reference for that in the frame to be able to fill in some more details of the story. I like many of your photos. Keep shooting!

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