by Arnold Wolfgang

oak tree backlight monochromatic seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Copyright : Copyright 2013 Wolfgang Arnold - CC BY-SA 3.0

Published: Monday 23rd of December 2013 05:19:39 PM


Alf Bailey
HI Wolfgang

Not the easiest shots to make shooting into the light, but I think you have balanced the light / shadow very well.  The highlights are suitably contrasting with the myriad of dark branches. I also think the central composition works well here too! 


Very well done! 



Wolfgang Arnold
Peter, Benjamin, Linda, Alf,

many thanks for your apprecations.

Yes, light was a bit difficult - I used bracketing and merged exposures with an HDR tool.

Linda Liebl

Very effective processing of a scene punctuated by a spectacular sky.  Compliments.  ~~~~~L

Peter Beekman

I love the shot, most people would miss the tree stand, It almost looks as if ice or frost is on the tree.

Benjamin Kim

Hi Wolfgang. This is a great shot! Good choice of black and white and the framing and composition work very well for me. Well done!

Wolfgang Arnold
A single... ...oak.

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