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by Manssila Juha

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Published: Friday 8th of November 2013 12:47:45 PM


Timothy Muffitt

Hi Juha,

I like the foreground tree. I think it add something fresh to the photo, and you have it framed the whole image very nicely. The bird is extraordinary! What a fine creature!!


Alf Bailey
Hi Juha

Again I see exquisite detail and a well chosen perspective. I was wondering at first about the presence of the  nearer out of focus tree, but on reflection I think it adds a bit more depth to the shot.


Beautifully done! 


Best Regards



Timothy Muffitt

Dear Juha,

This is spectacular! Nicely done!


Juha Manssila

Patrik.. Thank You!

Patrick Flynn
Great detail, excellent bird specimen, and gorgeous background. This is terrific!, Juha! The FG tree does not bother me unto itself, although if you were more to the right it might have brought in both of the bird's legs and more of its tail. But I'm betting that would have compromised the beautiful BG or spooked the bird.

Juha Manssila

Alf, Timothy.. Thanks for the kind remarks.

I also wondered wether to include the OOF - tree in the composition.

Juha Manssila
Great Spotted Woodpecker Comments and ratings are appreciated. Thank You!

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