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Published: Tuesday 16th of September 2003 02:05:17 AM


thomas breazeale
Well here is an interesting one Igor!The textures of the background compliment the smooth skin of the woman nicely.I like the lighting but the hair falling on the face is a bit busy I think.Otherwise cool shot.

John Peri
Good pose and nice texture. Well done Igor.

Walter Strong
A crotch shot........... is a crotch shot, is a crotch shot. Dressing it up with a bit of creativity does not keep it from being a crotch shot.

Nana Sousa Dias

Modestos Modestou
Stretching Back to your better work Igor. Great aesthetics

Walter Strong
Hey Pascal, even "narrow minded" people know a crotch shot when they see one!

andre napier
Nothing WOW I like lots of your work but this one is just to bold, not at all photographicly poetic, also not apealing sexually. The high rates and celebrity aplaus for this picture make me go back clasic books to recalibarate my taste. Now to Jeffry: If you have to pay several hundred to models than you should think it over. Ofer them some discount on their porfolio and they will take it off happily.

Francesco Martini
Splendid ..all!! Good the diagonal cut!

Alan Chan
I like the tone, the diagonal crop. It adds mistery in the absence of the face but I doubt the necessity to expose the lower part for this shot - even under the title "Stretch". Overall, it is still a very good image imo.

Pascal Boraschi
NICE Man oh man, there's alot of narow minded people... Beautifull light, amazing tone. Angle is very interesting and pleasing. well done.

Igor Amelkovich

Douglas Stemke
Provocative Excellent lighting. Nice sence of flow in the image and very interesting angle.

Jeffrey O
I sometimes wonder if paying a model several hundred dollars to pose for me is the way to get high ratings. That being said. While technically a near flawless exposure. I do not find this very original.

John Vo
Very well done. Nice control of lighting, and remarkable gray tones. Your portfolio is exceptionally good.

Emre Safak
What's wrong with "a crotch shot", Walter? I see nothing to correct here; the lighting is perfectly set up.

Igor Amelkovich
Stretching. Your comments?

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