Body # 122

by Amelkovich Igor

body nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 27th of August 2013 04:30:03 AM


Maurizio Guarino

Excellent work!

Jason Christie
sky scraper look

mate............. you've done it again, such a lovely comp.  However, even tho I am very attracted to the tones and the angle of shot (top left to bottom right angle), its so perfect for messing with my eye, is she laying or standing??? great work...I guess if I could give you any feedback, if there is such a thing with a great image is the space between her left arm and body, (seen on right of image).  I have sat here for at least 90 minutes trying to imagine it with no space...I looked up other images in your folder,.."nude portrait"..."Disclosed desires # 4"...."Body # 133"....."Table exercises"......and all of these seem to have balance in this area in the shadow or a space for which to balance the other arm.  Then 5 minutes later I love the gap as it add a lead...a follow me into what might be happening out on the right of frame.  Any way, great image, have the classic sky scraper look, I looking up or down on her.  Thanks....

Alfredo Machado
Superb tone and lighting, feel I can almost touch her. Alfredo

Kevin Korrel


Alberto Quintal

Very beautiful!!

Meir Samel

LIghting and bronze tone are great. A small area or spot in the pubic hair I think should be cloned out.  Reminds me of a water spot on a negative.

Igor Amelkovich
Body # 122 Wall in my studio.

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