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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 12th of September 2003 03:15:16 PM


James O'Neill
Personally I'd rather have the background a little less clear. I'm not all that keen on Jeans, but they work nicely here, and the lighting is good, but what I like about it is, its one of those natural, sympathetic pictures that I beleive you work so hard to get.

HK Gray
Wonderful I like this pic, something about a beautiful woman in jeans

Marylou Hostetter
Very fresh image. Nice lighting and interesting background. Overall a great shot.

John Peri
It's just a painting on the wall .. !

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
Both images are very good. Well composed, soft light and with that charming look of a beautiful model. Very well done John. Again.

Daniel Vinklar
nice, gentle picture, i like the pose (as if unexpectedly caught) and the expression. the tone is good too. regards, daniel. PS i am not sure about the "something" in the back - a person? a man? or a woman? or what?

Michael Cryer
your other work is much nicer...

John Peri
Thanks Matthew, I must say that is what I really enjoy doing the most. However, if one is to capture a passing moment, one has to be a little more lenient with regards to compositon.

Matthew Lehman
I like them both But I can olny make a suggestion on the jeans pic. I really like her expression - I think the cropping should be a little different, with her positioned a little off center, with a little less jeans and a little more space above her head. You really are great at catching real expression/emotion. I personally think the less "posed" the more successful they tend to be.

Landrum Kelly
John, the sense of rapport and trust that you demonstrate with your models is quite incredible, and I find that to be the most interesting thing about your work.

John Peri
Lannie, you are very kind. I have always felt that you are one of the closest friends I have on photo net. It would be great to meet you one day.

Alton Earle
John, I know what you mean about the before/after/inbetween shots sometimes being the most interesting. I usually don't shoot color nudes (always preferred black & white) but a couple of weeks ago shot a couple of rolls. Mostly garbage, a few shots that MIGHT warrant a 4 on a good day and only if the rater had a winning lottery ticket and was in an exceptional mood. However, there are two shots of the model changing outfits that I love, may post them to give the jackals food for their feeding frenzy :D. Love this shot :-).

John Peri
I'm sure you are too modest ... waiting to see them Alton!

Jimmy Miller
Nice! Gorgeous model, great lighting. The background is a bit distracting, though. Almost looks like a man lying on a bed, but then not really. I read above that it is a painting, just saying what it looks like. Another great photo. Again, this model is gorgeous! Thanks!

John Peri
Thanks Jimmy. In this particular case, the image behind the model was included on purpose, as it was a painting that the model had made.

John Peri
A woman in jeans ... but soon to be removed for a photo session ...

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