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by Peri John

tony perkins and melina mercourithis image is copy mercouri portrait photography peri john

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Published: Friday 12th of September 2003 11:54:00 AM


Landrum Kelly
John, you have led a charmed existence. Although I remember the theme from this movie very well, which must have come out about 1960, I never saw it. I am going to order it from Amazon. The theme reminds me of a summer when we rented a cottage at the beach, but I can't remember which year. That was when SC still had cottages on the front beach that did not cost a small fortune, before the developers took over. --Lannie

Kaur Lass
This is the moment! This is what I mean - it was only that fraction of a second. And the shot is good!

Jean Smith
Terrific cigarrette ad.

Patrick MERLAY
Very nice photo of happy moments. Do you remember that today is the birthday of his death (sept 12th) Regards

John Peri
No, it's just a coincidence. Well, bless him.

John Peri
Some people asked me to post some more of the pictures I took of Tony Perkins while he was filming Phaedra. Ok, here is one, but the problem is finding them! This one is with Melina Mercouri (who acted in "Never on Sunday"). She later became the Greek Minister of Culture. It was a fun summer spent in Hydra during my student days. If anyone has seen the movie, I am the guy Tony supposedly steals the girl away from during the dancing scene!! Actually, I had been partying with her all the night before in real life and she arrived on the set that day with deep shadows under her eyes and we got a real balling out from Dassin, the Director. Ahhh, those were the days ! I have never showed or published these photos before. I thought then that it would have been rather inelegant to do that at the time. In a sense it is a shame because, as you can see, the pictures were much more intimate than much of the commercial stuff that was produced then.

Evgeni Rozenshtein
Very natural look, great portrait!

Annie Ferderer
oh wow... it's awesome.... the joy in her face. Very intimate indeed. thanks for sharing. best wishes annie

John Peri
Glad you liked it Annie. Those were fun days!

hamed sp
excellent shot. i like it.thanks for sharing Best Regards Hamed

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