Center Peak over Upper Bubbs Creek

by Ernst Brian

center peak over upper bubbs creek seeking critique ernst brian

Gallery: JMT 2003

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Friday 12th of September 2003 05:58:45 AM


Jim Swenson
A very pleasant landscape.

scott pruett
wow. that grad filter does some amazing stuff. nice work.

Jeffrey Volkenant
excellent exposure. This photo is a pleasure to look at.

Francis Cailles
incredibly inspiring sigh....speechless, I am.

Brian Ernst
Center Peak over Bubbs Creek Hi! I recently did a three week hike of the John Muir Trail that goes through some spectacular High Sierra wild country. Between trying to keep the trail dust off my lenses, dirty finger smudges off my GND filters, lugging around my tripod and lenses and film for over 225 miles, and having limited time for photography due to the daily mileage requirements for the thru-hike, etc., I was still able to point my camera at some beautiful scenery. I took this photo with both a 2-stop hard and a 3-stop hard GND (Galen Rowell's GND's, of course, bless his soul), and the late afternoon sun on Center Peak was still bright enough to blow through most of my 2-stop, so here's the 3-stop hard version. This is a pretty remote area in the High Sierra, on day 15 of our hike. I smelled really bad when I took this shot, believe me. Any comments on composition, lighting, (or if those subjects bore you, what do you think about UFO's and Sasquatch?), any responses would be welcome and appreciated. Thank you for your time! - Brian (aka Buck Forester)

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