Moon over fiery clouds

by Ernst Brian

moon over fiery clouds seeking critique ernst brian

Gallery: JMT 2003

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Thursday 11th of September 2003 06:15:13 AM


Jim Swenson
Love the firey clouds.

Daniele Parodi
I love the idea of exposing the moon correctly,it give a dark and mysterious atmosphere.

Brian Ernst
Moon Behind Fiery Clouds Hi! I took this shot on day 15 of our John Muir Trail thru hike. It was late evening and some fast moving storm clouds were tearing across the horizon behind a ridgeline. Then all of a sudden the clouds turned coal red from the setting sun. Being there, it resembled a big wildfire behind the ridgeline. I shot these fast- moving clouds at about 200mm on my 70-200 zoom, with the setting moon in the background. I exposed for the moon, which silhouetted the ridge. Between the clouds moving so fast, and the fact the bright red didn't last more than a minute or so on the clouds, I didn't have a whole lot of time to compose a shot. Is there anything I could/should have done differently to improve this shot? Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!

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