by Olsen Eskil

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Published: Sunday 7th of September 2003 11:38:45 AM


Michele Ciofalo
Well, once we have ascertained that the blades of grass (??? - or whatever) are in focus and correctly exposed, there is little to add from the technical point of view. On the aesthetics side, uhm, that's subjective, isn't it? A rather extreme example of minimalist photography; reminds me of the slashes in the canvas by Lucio Fontana, the Italian painter. This kind of images work for many, and have worked for quite some time for me as well, but I am beginning to think that maybe we should put a bit more content into our pictures. It's largely a matter of timing - what is acclaimed today may well be contempted tomorrow, and v.v.

Eskil Olsen
Three I would like to have your comments. Eskil.

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