'Neal Berrey' Daylily, Duke Gardens

by Barman Dilip

neal berrey daylily duke gardens seeking critique barman dilip

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Published: Saturday 6th of September 2003 09:58:23 PM


Kevin Brogle
Too bad about the crop. Otherwise it's a beautiful photo.

Walter Strong
Its a pretty flower BUT these are a dime a dozen.

John Kroy
Why cut the top of the picture off ? This was nearly perfect.

Reed Clark
Dont cut off the top of the flower

Dilip Barman
Thanks, John. I can't remember why I cut the top of the flower off - I wish I hadn't when I shot it.

Dilip Barman
Above is the original shot, resized and compressed

Dilip Barman
What do you think of the cutting off of the top of the flower? I shot it this way so couldn't experiment with another crop. I think it works and adds a sense of dimensionality, but I'd enjoy others' opinions of the crop and any comments overall. Thanks! --Dilip, www.dilip.info

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