by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 6th of September 2003 05:37:46 PM


Jim Swenson
It works perfectly, I'd leave it as is.

Andreas Weber
The space on the left is very important (because the model looks left), so the central position of the head is ok. This is a very good shot, and especially the expression of the woman makes it VERY good!!

Ken Thalheimer
Don't know John. Some material works centered and I think this is one of them. Very good model and I like the choice of looking off camera. Nicely softened and I like the swirled background. Nice lighting

TC Reed
I like the centering of the subject in this photo. You added special touches that accentuate the subject and it really works for this photo. What a natural and relaxed photo you've produced. Well done.

W J Gibson
great shot and a thought about it just a small contrary thought - I wonder if you shot this lady looking frame right? It seems to me just a little that my eye comes in along her leg and doesnt want to go frame left, but wants to go frame right. just a thought. it is a lovely photo....and interesting background and overall effect.

Umair Ghani
fully agree with Weber!

Adolfo Aliaga
No, no, no John, john, john. I see a ass like a background?. You'll be more artistic when use an naked woman. Be more creative, not so explicit. Play with light, not with bodies. Do your best effort for the next time

Ben Chernivsky
Centering - I don't think it looks bad, but I do think there is a little bit of extra space to the left you should take off to balance the photo more.

John Peri
Thanks everyone. Strange though, no-one mentioned the triangle within the circle.

John Peri
Triangle in a circle Just playing with shapes. Maybe she should be off centre though?

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