Not good # 5

by Amelkovich Igor

not good nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 6th of September 2003 06:04:39 AM


Slowenien .
:) Nice picture but for my eyes be better if an sky and clouds be more darken and contrast to give an picture more depth... ps:also very good pictures on your web site I like that... regards

Ivo Bogaerts
Mmm, I don't see the context of the scene and the naked girl blindfolded. It looks a bit a mix of industrial nakeness, fetish and landscape. I feel there was more potential in the enviroment than this picture reveales. One thing is sure, the girl has a very handy hairdresser. ;-)

Leica Virgin
Technically this photograph is excellent: well focused, well exposed (i mean in terms of the light), and the composition is good. Also, you obviously have a model with very nice skin, curves, ..., but overall it is lacking. OK, she is naked, has a sack over her head, and appears to be tied to the railing - but she seems above all this, as if shes waiting for a bus (maybe she often waits for busses in this way, in which case its my mistake!) No emotion comes out to me, but the photo would become so much more if it would...
By the way, Im *not* claiming that this is pornography at all, it is art imo.

Grant M. Heffernan
"Trash", eh? That's a fantastic useful critique. Yet another sexually repressed, "oh no, it's a naked woman". I like it. I think a little more tension in her body would have added to the whole scene though. Her arms thrust more to the sides, stretching, her midsection pushed out more, maybe the head thrown back a bit.

Igor Amelkovich
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