Not good # 4

by Amelkovich Igor

not good nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 4th of September 2003 11:18:38 AM


Marty Dimitrov
I agree with Marion. The new one you have posted is much more elegant work.

John Robinson
Nice, real nice. Exposure is spot on !

Massimo Innocenti
very good amazing shoot!!

Isaac Santaella
For my this photo have a interesting composition, but this could be better with more symmetry the models. Only one head and only two arms. The tone is a bit monotonous I would like more shadow and lighs. Of course I like this picture.

Marion Geralds
I would have prefered the hood on her backside which frankly is not very elegant in it's present pose. I am all for nudity, but when it is artistic and meaningful! PS I like a lot of your work, but not this shot.

Lord Greg
Great photo. I give you props for this one... awesome work.

Veena Mehta
Ordinary Picture in a different style. Trying closer shot with wide angle might have improved it.

Irene Devissaguet
Yes, this is rather rude.

Jan Habal
WOW! Russian woman are beautiful!

lee tracy
Rude? This is a darn cool photo. First, the almost-symmetry is a great idea. As others have said, perfect exposure. All too often, on we have work that fits into the "find a cute girl, get her naked and take photos" school. And whether they are tame or explicit, they are pat and common. This work is definitely alive and intense. That is makes people make negative comments is a plus for me. :)

Igor Amelkovich

Pamela Edwards
Highly erotic - wish I'd been there! But not one of your best technically. In this case the head covering seems odd. Are they sweaty (the mind boggles!), or is that oil? I'm not sure it adds to the picture really.

Doc Holiday
Backgroud detail The absence of sky detail in my view makes the shot a bit flat. The composition seems to me a bit confused.

Igor Amelkovich
Not GOOD # 4 Thank you for all your comments.

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