by Manssila Juha

a coast nature landscape sea sunset seeking critique manssila juha

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Published: Friday 10th of May 2013 09:25:12 AM


Juha Manssila

Thank You for your comments. I considered naming the images individually, but decided against it. I think that the name seldom adds any meaningful information to the image, and a badly chosen name interfere the viewers own interpretation.

Larry Greenbaum

Juha,  Nice color and composition.  The moon or star in the image is an added bonus.  I suggest that you name your images; to me, the frame number of date alone detracts from the message.  Nice work.   Larry

Victor Wei

Incredibly gorgeous tone.  Seascape at its best.

Juha Manssila

Thank You Tony!

Tony Hadley

A truly beautiful image! Congrats

Juha Manssila
Baltic Sea Comments and ratings are appreciated!

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