Tengger Tribe of Bromo

by Prakarsa Rarindra

tengger tribe of bromo prakarsa rarindra

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Category: Family

Published: Thursday 4th of April 2013 08:40:56 AM


Conrad Smith

Beautiful job of capturing light.  Nicely composed.

Gail Harmer

I can't believe I have not visited your Portfolio before now, I am sure I have seen some of your images in the past and actually commented on a few. But to actually 'come here' and have a better look. Please forgive my tardiness. You have an amazing Portfolio, full of amazing images. I will delight in having a much closer look. For now, back to this image, I find it to be excellent, with almost a mystical/magical mood. That beautiful horse, the young man(in customary dress) and the island/volcano?? in the background - I haven't even mentioned the sky yet!! Very beautiful !!!


I will be back, thankyou so much for sharing, as it drew me to your amazing Portfolio. Best regards, Gail

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