by Arnold Wolfgang

pair silhouette winter bare trees seeking critique arnold wolfgang

Gallery: bare trees

Tags: silhouette winter bare trees seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Exif Information:
Model : NIKON D800
Date Time Original : 2013-03-25 20:44:14
Focal Length : 24/1
Exposure Time : 1/250
F Number : 4.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 100
Flash : 16
Metering Mode : 5
Focal Length In35mm Film : 24
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Copyright : Wolfgang Arnold
Software : Aperture 3.4.3
Gps Latitude Ref : N
Gps Latitude : 47/1 32/1 4007/100
Gps Longitude Ref : E
Gps Longitude : 9/1 40/1 1003/25

Published: Sunday 31st of March 2013 07:13:33 AM


Pierre Dumas
So romantic, so beautiful!

Best regards



stephanie c

something so simple has such meaning and impact!

Barbara Corvino

Touch... well seen.

Wolfgang Arnold
Jack, Jim, Daniel, Pierre, Stephanie,

many thanks for your comments - these two were a lucky discovery. My eyes were rather on single bare trees and I almost passed them (my first thought being: nice shapes, however, impossible to separate one of them) but I decided to give it a try because weahter was bad enough to blank out all disturbing background and I could balance the strips of gravel, wall and lake (Lake Constance) quite easily.

Daniel Gorinstein

A truly classic image, in line of old-school photography. Superb monochrome tonality, and the division of horizon, fence and foreground into three divisions is just perfect. It takes a very trained and seasoned photographic eye to produce such a wonderful evoking image. My respects.


Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

I think this is also my favourite in the series. I love the shapes and the interaction between the two trees.

They seem to symbolise parrying blows of boxers, sparring partners, raised fists and conflict. Of course it takes about 10 years to throw the punch and probably the same to dodge it.  Like most conflicts, its slow and futile. Or maybe, just maybe they are shaking hands at last.

Love this one!


Compliments & Best Regards



PS Great combination of lens and camera, I use the same, and I don't think they come much better.

Jim Peterson

Very nice find. Really spectacular how the trees are intertwined and I really like the space you gave around the crowns of the trees.

Jack McRitchie
There's really electricity between these two or at least so it seems. A very interesting study in relationships.

Bengt Ekelberg

So beautiful and so elegant, so simple and yet so complex in meaning and the thoughts it evokes.

Wolfgang Arnold

yes, it was initially the second photo I uploaded to the series (I took this after "Y", but couldn't resist posting, because it's my favourite), therefore my remark.

Yet, I found this as a suitable "conclusion" or "final chord" of the series - being more lively than the melancholy solitary predecessors in the series. Therefore I placed the "Lx" photos between "Y" (which by it's form vaguely resembles these two) and this photo.

Wouter Willemse
The odd one....

... in the series.

I completely agree with what Jack wrote.

Just a question... it's named the second photo in the bare trees series. In the current view, I see it as the last photo, though. Is it meant to be the last? (if yes, I think that is the right choice, by the way!)

Daniel Gorinstein

Bare trees, as you adroitly call them, are a truly magnificent subject, captured in an exceptionally artistic way in this great photograph. Simplicity and complexity, capricious and endless forms. A truly delightful and aesthetically, nostalgic image.


Wolfgang Arnold
Two... ...trees as second photo in my "bare trees" series.

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