A condition of rest.

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Tuesday 19th of August 2003 06:55:16 AM


Wow! A real work of art!

Owen O'Meara
Rest Fantastic composition and ballance. Bravo. -Owen

Igor Amelkovich

Mark J
It's like 3 pictures in one. The top half by itself is nice, the bottom half by itself is nice, and together it's great! Nice job.

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
Excelent composition! A favorite.

Nestor Rivera Jr
Unexpected Beauty The curves of the mountains and the Nude give this photo so much interest in that they mimic each other shape. I am curious was that your intention or am I reading to much into this concept.

Kirk Voelker
Wonderfully Done!! The balance and tonality are great. Great eye.

Steve Patterson
Excellent. One of your best.

Michele Ciofalo
This photo stands out in an already outstanding folder. I hope you are taking your models out of the studio a bit more in the future, who knows what else may be waiting for us...

Miguel Merino
GORGEOUS IMAGES!!!! Love nude series, please take a look to mine and drop me your comments.

Sandeha Lynch
There are an awful lot of body landscapes that are just a 'nude on a rock' and no big deal. You've found and created complementary forms and tones, and done it right. It's brill. (Though I wonder if you took a lower camera viewpoint ... ?)

Terry McCully
Bravo on this Everything comes together to form a stunning image

V & P
A wonderful composition. Gentle, smooth, relaxing, much better than the next photo. Not a meaningless nude.

Sarah Marie Jones
SUPERLATIVE !!! Best regards, Sarah

Carla Maio
GREAT GREAT GREAT Love it, I'm fascinated by it. I can keep looking at it for several minutes. My God...what a photo! Would like to see this one in an exhibition, in a huge size, hanging on a wall, to stare at it!

Igor Amelkovich
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Marc G.
Superb work. Love the light, the reflection, and the space between the woman and the hills...

Kent Tolley
I like the way the line running from her butt over her midriff up to her shoulder is restated in the line of the background hills. And I like the way those 2 lines are held apart and in tension by the glass-like body of water. It's a beautiful piece in so many ways. Upon enlarging it immediately felt like "a condition of peace." It's the horizontality of those lines. My what-if character says what if it were rectangular instead of square. It's because of the horizontal lines that I wish to see extend forever. I like that you've printed it dark. If this were a dream she would be resting at the edge of her unconscious and across that body of water, the other world. I would love to see the silver print.

joseph badgerhun

Perfection... Nothing more to say. A Masterpiece.  I can't imagine how it will look in print. 

Could it be that shooting film slows us down and makes us think more about composition, exposure, lighting rather than rely on PS?

Howard Dion
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich This is a beautiful and elegant image. Beyond the nude and the hills is the use of light. Just plain magnificant.

Jeff Davidson
Beauty in all aspects Great composition, great timing (I really like the darkness of the image, and do not feel that it is underexposed). This kind of photograph is what separates the artist from the rest of us. Purely amazing and memorable. Igor, my hat is off to you!

Scott Eaton
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I guess I'm going to be the first to take exception to all the applause about this image. First, I agree that the balance between the body and the horizon is very, very good. It's also the only thing carrying the image, and for me, it's not enough. There are several things that irritate me here. First, is the abolute cliche' of the anonymous nude laying with her butt facing the camera in B/W. I've seen this done with cellos, sports cars, parodied by Monty Python and every form of landscape the sun shines light down on. Just like many of those, I'm looking at this image and my past experience with crime scene work clicks in: "A nude with some elegance" I'm wondering if you step back a few feet will you see a 'Police Line - Do not Cross' tape in front of the camera and a forensics team standing off the side getting ready to put a plastic bag over the body. Yeah, it's a peacefull scene - is she dead or alive? I've never known women to lay naked on cement because they constantly complain about being cold, so she must be dead, or pretending to be dead. Next, the top horizon is fuzzy, when it's also an important part of the scene. You're dealing with basically a still life here and medium format, so please stop down. Last, the tonality is simply too murky for me. But then again it's B/W, so the fair rules of contrast and sharpness are never fairly applied. They would if it were color though.

Michael Dossett
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Absolutely beautiful. Perfect exposure(low key), excellent composition. A true work of art.

Michael Dossett
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Scott - Of course you've seen this before, remember there is nothing new under the sun, only variations. And the same images don't effect all of us the same way,(I think Picasso was a idiot!:)), and you are only seeing how you would have taken the photo. Possibly he felt he had to blur out the horizon a little, since it dominated the photo, to bring attention back to the model. And there is elegance in simplicity.

Terry Butler
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Technically it's fine and and it is aesthetically pleasing although I keep thinking she's cold and uncomfortable. The place where the model is lying doesn't appear to be very comfortable, it even looks dangerous.

Kim Slonaker
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Am I the only one who finds this restful to look at? I imagine the rock has warmed up during the day from the sun and now it's giving back that warmth to the woman. She is laying there, enjoying the beauty around her. I like the depth and balance in this image, although there are other images of Igor's I like better.

Mariusz Bielawa
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich This is a simply stunning composition. It was the strong connection between the shape of the woman's body and that of the hills that originally cought my attention. But the scene presented here is far deeper than its physical attributes - there is a whole philosophical side to it, as some have already commented. This is a superbly crafted photograph. The recognition is well deserved.

Kristos Keen
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I'm in awe of your work Igor. Your studio work is incredible, the models you work with are exquisite - and let's not forget the models contribution to great photos like these. You are a master of light, tone, but most importantly composition. Not all of the studio shots work for me, but that's to be expected with such a large portfolio. Your outdoors natural light shots are much less common, and for me most the are kind of average, especially the color ones. I was beginning to think that Amelkovich was first and foremost a studio artist, then came this shot, which I think came out very, very well. Has a great organic quality of line. As many others have said, it would be a treat to see it in person, large and in all it's glory. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration.

Nednai Juhn
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Something is strange about her left shoulder. It sticks out like a sore knee.

Marc G.
Congrats, Igor... To answer somehow Scott Eaton's legitimate comment, I'd say this kind of photograph is indeed not rare, but I personally see a great deal of originality in this distance between the body and the hills, and secondly of course in the similarity of shapes. Is it realistic to have a woman sleeping on a rock ? NO ! So what ? Who said that every photograph had to be realistic ? Browsing through Igor's portfolio, almost every studio shot in absolutely IR-realistic. I have no problem with that: I see it as ONE GENRE in photography. Is she dead or alive ? Who cares !? This is a study of shapes, or as Scott puts it, to some extent it's "a still life" indeed. Does a bottle or a vase in a still life need to be alive too ? STILL it is, and that's all that matters to me. The stillness of this image is part of what pleases me so much. As a conclusion, I'd say that I am truly glad the Elves did not forget this extremely talented and precise photographer. His compositions are always adjusted very carefully, and it's beautiful B&W photography with quite a few very original pieces as well. I'd say also that Igor's work fascinates me most when there is a paradox, an ambiguity, or a sarcasm of some sort, or something strange or subtle in the frame. This is imo where Igor generally excels, besides his very good technique. I hope his folders would help many beginners to realize the huge difference there is between a nude and a smart and beautiful nude. Congrats, and thanks for so many nice pictures, Igor.

Will Chapman
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I find the question of why this girl would be lying on such a cold rock rather pointless. One might as well ask why she is naked.

Matthew Harrison
Beauty The way the curves of the nude in the foreground match the curves of the moutain in the background make for a beautiful composition. excellent contrast as well. Bravo.

George Simler
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Beautiful! I have to admit that it was so stunning taken as a whole that I didn't notice the model! She just blended in so well with the surroundings. Again, absolutely stunning!

Greg S
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich For me the composition does not hold together well. It's as if there are 2 images, the female on the rock and the upper waterline, with so much space in between as to reduce the connection between them. My eye can be on one or the other, but when I look for a connecting reference in the middle, it's empty. Perhaps it's the subject's contemplation of the space that is integral to the result, but I don't feel the woman is engaged with the environment, rather she is just there. This leaves the potential interaction of one form to another, which may or may not work for the observer.

G .
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I really like many pictures in Igor's portfolio but I have to say this isn't one that stands out for me. I agree with those that mention the murkiness in tone. Don't get me wrong, I like low contrast a great deal in photographs, but this one is 70% five shades of mid grey, with a narrow 30% of one highlight and lowlight tone. Low contrast photos work best when there are oh so subtle gradients from one range to the next, which I miss here. Also Scott does have a point about the nude looking out of place. Yes her curves are replicated by the mountains, and yes fine art isn't intended to convey 'reality', yes it is about symbolism... but even so she looks precariously balanced, ill at ease posturally, and not comfortably 'blending' with the surroundings at all in my opinion.

Nevertheless I consider this photo a good POW choice for one reason, because here we share so many different perceptions of the photo. An excellent example demonstrating how 'taste' 'preference' or whatever ultimately rules our final judgement.

Igor has several striking photos in his portfolio. I realise he didn't choose this one himself, but it would be interesting to know which single piece of work he would have chosen himself given the opportunity!

G .
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I forgot to mention that I appreciate Igor's effective use of space. Not just in this photo but in many, if not all.

Brandon Hamilton
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich The photo is a little dark for my taste, even given the mood intent. I natually would prefer something more like this.. but This is fantastic none-the-less

Landrum Kelly
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Igor, I think that the interest of this photo lies less in the female form itself than in its juxtaposition with the broad expanse of still water. Yes, the female form is reflected in the curves of the hills beyond, but the water itself gives this image that special intangible something that makes it worth a lot more than the typical "nude in nature" shot. I do find the tones a bit dark, but I would not lighten them as much as someone has above.

Leo Rossi
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I tend to agree with the comments about the 'banality of female butts' (my synthesis), and that remark about the police line is welcome in that it addresses the way in which photographers tend to 'explain' their images by means of titles. Take this title away and we are left indeed with something other than 'a condition of rest': a still life. But - the core of the image is beautifully simple, extremely well balanced. Very good.

Sally McKay-LePage
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Lannie, on the contrary. A condition of rest is NOT in my opinion pornographic. It is the least 'pornographic like' of all photograps in Igor's folder. You missed the point. I'm questioning why this 'gentle' image is representative of a greater body of work which clearly depicts women in violent situations. A condition of rest is a nice study of form. Frankly I am less taken with the hills as I am with the way the women's body seems to conform to the rock. It's as if she has been petrified. Her shoulder blade and hip are nicely mirrored in the sharp flat planes of the rock surface. Perhaps that quality is what Igor saw and decided to enhanse by contrast with the calm quiet water. It is that petrified quality which for me infuses this image with something other than the senseabilities of a standard nude. Regardless, it was the Elves which open the door to a discussion about the elgance and gentle nature of the image. I am but responding with a critique of the before mention folder and how I see a monumental shift in approach to the female form. Sally

Jeffrey Abelson
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Obvioulsy well shot - with a skilled photographer, but nothing new here, nothing special and nothing that ain't been done on dorm-room posters for the last 30 years...

Ron Buchanan
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Personally, I find the whole nude-in-landscape genre absurd. The resulting images are usually highly unnatural and often the only feeling I'm left with is pity for the model.

Tom Meyer
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I don't think the entire genre is in response to, or responsible for men enjoying (for whatever reason) photos of naked women, especially since so much work that could be descibed as such (nudes in the landscape) is of men, and other examples are by women.

The obvious metaphor is as old as the concept of Gaia and the symbolic representations of earth as feminine, and sky as masculine. Issues of fertility, the bearing of life (formed by God of mud), the water/wet nature of woman as opposed to the ethereal/dry nature of man (see the I Ching), the relationship of seed and earth and the sensual nature of gardening, and the dynamic of the beginnings of life on this planet stimulated by lighting (masculine) and ocean (feminine).

There are available in this "genre" all manner of allegories quite deserving of serious treatment by artists with all sorts of agendas and philosophies, and genders. No need to restrict artistic exploration of such a classic subject, just because so many men have one track minds.

Igor's portfolio has always bored me because of it's repetitious styling and message. This image just moves his vision of woman as object for viewing to a different venue. This light is just as universally applicable as his studio approach to the object, the woman is there just for us to view or acting to please us.

While there are singular images of note that succed in spite of the generic lighting and unchanging set, there's generally nothing there to get worked up about, unless you need reassurance that women are pretty things ready to perform for your pleasure and entertainment... t

J. W. Wall
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Sorry, looks like her hip is out of joint. Couldn't be comfortable.

Becca Cockrum
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich The nude person just makes the excellent landscape just a bit busy for my taste, perhaps she could be a bit more subtle in the frame. I do appreciate the gentle nature of this photograph. I don't usually comment like this on the featured photograph, but what the heck, congratulations on yout Photo Of the Week and your work IS exquisite (marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution b : marked by nice discrimination, deep sensitivity, or subtle understanding), ;) ... Igor!

nathan wegemer
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I don't find it a condition of rest. As commented on before, it's a very unnatural location for someone to be in such repose. It looks downright cold, and she doesn't look at all comfortable. Very posed. If the nude wasn't in the image, it would be generating 4.75-5.25 averages. Stick a nude in it, and Blamo, instant perfection? To look at a nude in a condition of rest, everyone should take another look at E Weston's "Nude in Doorway". Not a perfect shot, but there is such rest within the models body that there is nothing that causes tension in the viewers eye. Perhaps this photographer is living within tension, and that's ok for him. I'm striving within my work to get to a point of complete relaxation, and don't claim to be close. I am, for the record, becoming more and more convinced that imagery that makes one feel as if they need something, or are missing something in their life, or makes one feel that their life isn't as whole as it should be, is destructive. I think it is part of the process whereby we learn to judge ourselves by comparing ourselves to what we perceive as others view's of us, or our perception of other's state of happiness or richness of life and then come to the conclusion that we need something to fulfill us. Perhaps this is what turns us into consumers, of clothes, cars, food, sex and so much else. 'Nuff preaching,,,cause hey, whadda I know, anyway? Still looking for it myself, to a degree.

George (call it like I see it) Peterson
More subtle and accomplished than usual - Igor Male people (and female people) like looking at the female form. One can philosophise and politicise and propagandise as much as one chooses about this reality. One can decide to use an image and read into an image in any way one chooses.

I choose to focus on this image for the following reasons (after bowing and scraping to all the preceeding comments ).

Igor, when I look at this image my eye is immediately pulled to the strong horisontal reflections. So strong is the pull (a play on tonal density and luminence) that it is almost an effort (visually speaking) to dwell on the reclined figure. For this reason I think the image is one of your strongest. This image does not rely on clever apposite devices (shears, huge cameras, bondage paraphernalia etc ) to pound the eye with force and extract easy vicarious pleasure or pain (had to throw that in).

Now for the reclined figure. I have only one observation to make. A pity her hand is extended to partially obscure the jutting rock it touches. This rock would extend the jutting flow beginning at the figures sharp hips to the full horisontal. The jutting rocks are of course (as has been previously pointed out ) in the background and this adds dimensionality

An image worth more than 5 seconds reflection and certainly a paragraph or two of observation on my part. - well done.George

Marc G.
@ Tom Meyer What you wrote about the origins of human interest in nudes is very interesting, and very true too. Besides that, you wrote: "While there are singular images of note that succed in spite of the generic lighting and unchanging set, there's generally nothing there to get worked up about, unless you need reassurance that women are pretty things ready to perform for your pleasure and entertainment..." If this is how you perceive overall Igor's work, and while I agree in part, I personally feel that quite a few images by Igor are worth noting for several reasons. Question to the moderator: would it be ok, for once, to discuss briefly about a few other images by Igor...? I think it would also help, in cases like this one, to get a general impression of a body of work, via a few examples taken from the photographer's folders. In a way, both the intro comment by the Elves and the very interesting comments in this thread seem now to call for it.

Moderator Note: There has never been a policy where other images by "any" member can't be discussed as long as it relates to the current POW. The only time comments are deleted with regard to other images is when members talk about how "other" images by that photographer should have been chosen instead of the one that has been chosen "for discussion". There still seems to be people that think the POW is about "the Best" of that photographer or the "best" of photo.net. So - of course other images by this photographer can be both uploaded for discussion and/or discussed.

James Dainis
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich A good photo should elicit an emotional response. Like many others, my response is, "That sure looks cold and uncomfortable". After reading Scott's post, the only thing that makes sense is to change the title to "Dead Body Dumped by the Lake".

Tom Meyer
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Nathan: "I am, for the record, becoming more and more convinced that imagery that makes one feel as if they need something, or are missing something in their life, or makes one feel that their life isn't as whole as it should be, is destructive. I think it is part of the process whereby we learn to judge ourselves by comparing ourselves to what we perceive as others view's of us, or our perception of other's state of happiness or richness of life and then come to the conclusion that we need something to fulfill us. Perhaps this is what turns us into consumers, of clothes, cars, food, sex and so much else. "

I was hoping you'd get to that last point, for therein lies the essence of what you are thinking about.

You are looking at images as a consumer, so I suggest that if you consider all images to be advertising (something that instills desire for that which you do not have), that you look to yourself for the cure for this malaise.

All advertising is designed to make us feel like our lives are incomplete because we don't have the featured product.

Good art is not advertising.

You need to look at something other than Igor's advertisements for sexual encounters with surrogate archetypes... t

Tom Meyer
Response to Marc (good to hear from you) Yes that's true, I actually like the "upturned peach" (as it has been described) as it seriously addresses our squeemishness about sexuality. It would need a similarly motivated and constructed body of work to legitimize my interpretation and to distinquish it from the overly simple and overt reference that some ascribe to it. Some other of the figurative works are certainly well done, but suffer from association with the monotonous portfolio. Many of his landscapes are quite beautiful.

This image (POW) actually is different from his other work, but it still uses a woman's form as an end in itself, a visual element in someone else's vision. I thought a good name for it might be "Angle of Repose, Imminent Submersion" as she seems to have been arranged by gravity, pitch and inertia and is on the verge of slipping into the lake.

I've asked him if his lights were nailed in place, as a cute smarty pants way of intimating that his work is formulaic. He said yes, which is what I probably would have said had I been asked such a flip question. Formulaic in this way: Sexual performances by extremely flexible, large breasted, well tanned women in an unchanging set with variety provided by props that are one metaphor deep. I'm sure these women are fine, multi-faceted humans (but that's supposition on my part... how would I know? His topic is so narrow in scope.) and Igor's probably a great guy to hang with, who really knows his way around the photographic arts (and he seems to have lots of good looking friends).

As one critic said to him, it seems as if he made all these images many years ago in a period of intense artistic exploration, and now he has died and someone is bringing out one image per week from an archive in a vault somewhere. There is no possibility of change because that's all that was done. I have these periods too, in which I explore a path and eventually begin to imitate myself. I imagine everyone does. I just don't want to be 70 years old and still performing that big hit I had back in 1969 to an audience of blue hairs.

I can imagine "Igor addicts", lurking around his page, waiting for the next installment in the catalog 20 years from now, ready to type "Excellent. Excellent. Excellent." I completely understand the satisfaction this might bring, but I wish for some urge on his part to surprise us, and I don't think the image posted above (POW) is the surprise we all hope for... t

Erin Kroll
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I admire some of Igor's work, specifically his body studies of the female athlete. The rest of his work terrifies me and while this image has been discribed as " his most gentle nude" I think its actaully one that is just as diminishing. When critiquing female nudes the first thing I look for is some physical sign that the subject aknowledges the camera/ male gaze. sometimes its eye contact, or neck position or a smile. Here the subject is Faceless, Emotionless, Ambigious. If she was laying on her back my reaction would be very different. She would have an Identity. Positioned away from the gaze, she is COMPLETELY objectified, and the LANDSCAPE of the mountains--how cliche, continues to further drive this objectification home. The second thing I thought of when i saw this image was its applied narrative. Why is this women 'washed up' naked on a rock considered EROTIC/beautiful? Because her face is not visible and she isn't expressing any emotion, one can only assume she could be dead.

Ben Boule
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich This is a fine image, ignoring issues of objectification of women, feminism, etc.. (Although the tones don't do much for me and it looks brownish) This image would do a lot more for me if she was clothed, admiring the landscape. Or if she was hugging her significant other.

mondiani .
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich To Tom Meyer, can you tell us what an original nude is? Can you put a link of a original photo.net nude here? Or just explain what you an original nude must be with words? What are you expecting from a nude photo?

This is a naked woman in the open air which means freedom, she is laying near water as after having a bath with means to most of us relaxing and feeling rested. She is not only in the open air but in nature without any human presence which means the beginning times, before civilisation when everything was easier, the black and white says the same thing. Her curves echoing in the hills refers to the mother earth myth. Last but not least we do not see her face so everyone can give her the face (s)he knows, (s)he is expecting so relating more closer with the subject. It also means trust or confidence.

Mary Ball
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Moderator comment:

Ladies and Gentlemen -- this POW is for critique of the image and certainly to discuss nudity as it relates to the image and to answer to the elves question (A nude with some elegance?).

It is not a forum for discussion of the nude images on Photo.net.

It is not about whether or not this is porn.

It is not about the exploitation of women.

Please take these discussions to another appropriate forum.

Please refer to the link below for guidelines for posting on the POW forum. guidelines for posting comments on Photograph of the Week.

Tom Outler
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich A most spectacular landscape nude. I've found LNs some of the hardest to pull off. I think Igor succeeds very well here with the "nude as extension of earth" composition. Beautiful tonality, too.

Mary Ball
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Moderator Note: After a few edits and deletions, just a reminder that discussions about POW policy or PN policy belong in the Help and Feedback Forum. Again, please read the guidelines.. ;-) Thanks.

Tony Dummett
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Scott Eaton's comment (way) above was interesting in it's pondering whether a police line was just out of camera. I think that was a spot-on observation. This is a photograph of a female body near a lake. There is no indication that the body is meant to be alive. In fact, when you think about it, what's a nude female body doing resting on a cold, lifeless rock near a chilly-looking lake with brooding clouds? That's gotta be an unusual place for a girl to go for a lie down. And an unusual time for her to do it.

OK, looking at the title of the portfolio this came from ("Nude and Erotic") it may be that Igor's thoughts were more towards the sensual than the criminal. Many of the other 124 (!) pictures of nudeoids in it seem to add support that idea, but on the other hand it's well-established that there's a fine line between the naked female form and forensically engaged sociopathy. In support of this theory, can I point out that Igor provides several shots of naked women strung up, bound, gagged, chained and one or two carrying whips. The locations consist (in a significant number of images) of generally lonely, abandoned-looking derelict warehouse-type situations. In fairness, there might be an innocent explanation: if you're trying to get a gal to get her gear off for the camera, a lonely place is a good choice. This photo - viewed in the context of the prolificly populated portfolio it comes from - seems to me to have an undercurrent of danger and voyeurism to it... almost like the trophy of an evil deed.

We can wax on about how the curves of the hips match the hills in the background - that's geometry, camera club stuff - but the underlying theme here is misery. We may match the shape of the landscape, but we will all, one day, become part of it again. Cold and lifeless.

Patrick Hudepohl
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich For your information, Tom Meyer started a discussion called can you tell us what an original nude is? in the Philosophy of Photography forum. Please contribute to that thread if the subject interests you.

Richard Emslie
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich For me the hilly echo of the woman's curve is not particularly noteworthy. They are a little far apart in the image and only similarly shaped in a very general sense. I even suspect that the hills are only in the picture as a consequence of Igor wanting to fit the entire horizontal form of the woman into the frame. If they were intended as a more significant element of the composition then surely he would have stopped the lens down a little more. Far more compositionally interesting to me are the lines of the leg, back and arm all parallel to the rocks edge in the lower right. I would have framed more of the rock and possibly cut the hills out completely.

Marc G.
My favorite nudes from Igor's folder... For most of the (aesthetically very well taken) nudes by Igor, we remain, I think, in the realm of fairly standard form studies - where body oil becomes a bit of a boring ritual to me after a while. I still like such pictures for their aesthetical values, but I'm not "taken" by anything else. And sometimes Igor also uploaded quite "empty" S&M-oriented stuff. As for this POW, it is indeed more "gentle", and I find it very silent, and subtle, and simply pleasant - with some, but not much, ambiguity.

Here is now a list of more provocative, interesting and original nudes by Igor...:

1) Humorous:


or even better imo, because it's more subtle usage of humor:


2) Suggestive, complex, and dark or even scary, somehow related to death:


or http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=2124862

or http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=1789399

or http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=1426712



I'm taken by such images because they grab my brains beyond the impeccable aesthetics.

Tony Bell
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I'm sorry, but this just doesn't do alot for me. I find it somewhat underexposed and I think you could plop down a basset hound in place of the woman and the interest for me would be about the same.

William Croninger
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I would agree withe "elves" that this is one of Igors "more gentle nudes." I'd also argue that, although I do not find it one of the strongest POWs I've seen, it is noteworthy. Congratulations Igor. I do not, as a number have commented, see this as an example of a "dead body" or representative of a crime scene. As a lab assistant in the gross anatomy lab I spend one semester each year surrounded by 40 odd bodies in various stages of "deconstruction." I do, as Kim S has suggested, see this as a woman in peaceful repose, not at all suggestive of a corpse. I am particularly taken back by the contributors who denegrate the entire theme of "nude in the landscape" or anonymous nude as somehow unworthy. I've lived in a sufficient number of remote areas where I would argue "naked in the woods" is not all that uncommon! I would challenge anyone to look at Eric Boutilier-Brown's environmental nudes and not see them as natural as well as stunning. I seldom show a model's face in my work with the nude. I want the viewer to react to whether we have captured light and form in some interesting way. Showing a model's face often brings a stronger element of sensuality/sexuality into play. If the goal the model and I had was to show a strong powerful woman who wishes to celebrate her body then we would definitely elect to show her face. However if our goal was to evoke a reaction to light, shadow and form we will not. An "unnatural location or pose?" Your own viewpoint folks. None of us were there to test the temperature or rock or air. We might take some cues from the tonality of the water and sky but again this is easily manipulated by a technician as accomplished as Igor. Criticisms at this level are, for me at least, an example of looking for something to criticize. This is perhaps my major issue with many reviews at photo.net...looking for something to criticize rather than accepting the image as the artists vision or providing constructive criticism. Igor, my only issue here is that the left arm appears to end at the shoulder...adjusting to the pose so that her hand is visible at some point would help with closure. Fine work, my congratulations.

Tony Dummett
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I do not doubt William Croninger's expert qualifications for saying that this body on a rock does not look in any like a real murder victim. I am glad the experience was his and not mine. My point was that this pic looks like a glamorized, Hollywood version of a murder victim on a rock, combining sexuality and death. Sensational, tittilating our minds with curiosity without requiring us to see the inevitable putrefaction. Nowadays, we are all experts at this visual language. Or think we are. The rest of Igor's images - of which this is the least confronting - also wander along the same fine dividing line. They can be broken down into three categories: the fun, followed by the crime, followed by the grave. Dial 9-1-1.

Carl Root
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich My initial reaction to this POW was along the lines of what Tony calls geometry - camera club stuff. I wanted to see what it would look like with less space between the model and the landscape, knowing full well that it would have been a simple matter for Igor to lower the camera to accomplish this. So it's certainly intentional rather than sloppiness on his part. I'm less convinced that the position of the arms and hands were as carefully considered. The right arm looks comfortable enough and removes any suspicion that this is meant to represent a corpse. On the other hand (ha ha), the left arm got lost in the shuffle, as William mentioned above, and I might like to have seen it extended above the head in some way so it doesn't look like a stump.

Marc G.
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich If I may just express another opinion about this arms issue... I think having one "missing arm" here has the effect of purifying the shape of the shoulder. With the second arm extended, the shoulder would lose a lot of its impact in terms of shape. And to me, graphically speaking, this picture is about the top outline of this body. Extending an arm to help her may be ok, but extending her second arm would ruin this outline, and therefore this photo as a whole. Conclusion: leave it as it is !

Carl Root
Marc, Showing multiple shots in the session would be useful right about now. I have no idea how many exposures Igor took, or if a different arm position was even considered, but as much as I can imagine the extension of the arm improving the line (this being more important than the shape if association with the line in the landscape is important), there's no substitue for actually seeing it.

Dan Peffer
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich The fact that I didn't see the human form makes this an inspirational work. It tells me more about composition and tonal balance than words ever could. Very nice Igor.

Dan Peffer
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich Since I have enjoyed the experience in late summer of lying on a rock warmed by the sun and while the sun sets I also meditated on the seasons change and the contrast of the last heat and the turning to come; I must say don't critisize the sensual aspect of nature and the pleasure it gives. And by that I am speaking to those that not seeing the constrasts of warm stone and cool water, soft skin and rock, feminem shape masculine formation,and those similar qualities too between what is - and of nature.

Tom Meyer
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich there's no sun on these rocks. I see no evidence of a setting sun, or any sun. It doesn't look warm. It looks like sweater weather.

There is nothing outstanding there to see, unless you are fond of grey dull light, flat water, distant and indistinct hills and an unpromising sky that hints of pending rain... or a nude young woman of very certain proportions.

Perhaps some fans of this work are content to look at the woman's body and use the grey landscape, dull light and the image's generic fine art components as a legitimizing motive for that gaze.

Were I standing there, with my camera and this napping model, I might be inspired to say, "Wake up, darlin', it looks like rain. Maybe we'll try again in the morning"... t

Tom Meyer
Response "Why is anything other than praise banned?" It's not banned, it's just elsewhere. The issue of pornography and degradation isn't appropriate to this discussion because this particular image isn't degrading or pornographic. Somnabulent, maybe...

If you want to discuss those aspects of photography that were dredged up here, see the tangential discussion on the Philosophy of Photography Forum that was inspired by this POW thread... t

William Croninger
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I'd like to thank the Elves for moving Mr. Day's comments to an appropriate side discussion. I agree with Tom that this Photo of the Week area is for discussion of just that, the Photo of the Week. Mr. Day, you seem to have based your comments on your dislike for Mr Amelkovich's work in toto. I personally find it difficult to understand how anyone can comment that this image, taken on it's own merits is at all "pornographic." Since my comments are only tangentally realated to the this Photo of the Week, feel free to kill it off Elves! ;-)

Bridgette E
Response to A condition of rest. by Igor Amelkovich I just came across this POW and wanted to say I think it is very soft and beautiful. I am not a professional by any stretch but I think this gives me more reason to say something about how it affects the everyday person. So much discussion about what? Let's just enjoy a nice photo.

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