Strange time, Strange place...

by Amelkovich Igor

strange time place nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 17th of August 2003 12:47:12 PM


Brian .
nice combo A great body in the hands of a skilled professional...

Mitja Krizman
congratulations, igor! maybe it's not the most original photo on earth's face, but definitely bears very much aestetics - a wonderful example of how important is printing technique as well!!!!

Igor Amelkovich

Kim Slonaker
Definitely unusual. I am drawn back to this shot - not sure why. I guess it's because the model is SO out of place in that background?

Zacarias Mata

Igor Boog
Wonderful! I love a photo that makes me create stories to go with it. This one makes me wonder what the woman could be doing there. Is her pose defiant? For what? Guarding something? Looking out for something? Standing up to something that is approaching her? Standing up to the sun? Just getting a tan?

Igor Amelkovich
I wanted to make this the staff little bit funny. I wanted to make this the staff little bit funny. The girl is dressed in swimming glasses and in fins. On the screen it is poorly visible but on a printed copy it is visible well.

Timo Hartikainen
Nice to see that you come outside from your studio sometimes :)

Zsolt Berend
very impressive

W J Gibson
2 kinds of power

Dima Oukhov
Upsss... Ona v lastax, ili mne pokazalos' ? :)))))

Igor Amelkovich
Dima Moskovski - tochno!!!

Dylan House
This is really interesting, especially with the fins and goggles...that is the only problem with viewing images on computers, its nothing compared to the physical thing. I like the idea of this desert swimmer...completely out of time and place. It would be interesting if this were a dried riverbed.

Igor Amelkovich
Somewhere in mountains... Strange place???

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