Female Genital Mutilation

by Jol Philip

female genital mutilation seeking critique jol philip

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Published: Monday 11th of August 2003 10:36:58 AM


Steiner Alina
You have a great documentary photos in your folders. It's sad but true, the people are suffering in many ways... I'm glad that is someone who can take these pictures and share them with us. It's hard to rate this photo, the background and the meaning are much more important than a simple rating. Regards.

Brian Cruickshank
What an awesome shot. Congrats on capturing the horror of female circumcision.

Elli Wagner
Oh my god! That picture really gave me the shivers! what a truly great documentation!!!!!

Arjen van de Merwe
Female genital mutilation is certainly an issue to be addressed. And it is being dealt with. I am not sure this forum is the right place to do so. It seems unsensitive towards the depicted persons to place this photo between all kinds of nice images, even in a folder containing touristy shots. At the least we could expect some more background info on the culture, the groups addressing the issue, and a more appropriate place on the web.

Philip Jol
Female Genital Mutilation Nuba Mountains, Sudan- June 2003: Held in place by several women, Dou, a young girl from the Nuba Mountains is circumcised. Though illegal by law many girls under go the same treatment to secure their future as a married woman. The worst possible form is the Pharaonic Circumcision which Dou was treated for. After the clitoris and minora adjacent labia are removed the vagina is closed with a thread leaving only a small opening for urine and future menstruation blood. It will be Dou's future husband to open her again.

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