White & Pink Flowers

by Schlecht Nem W.

white pink flowers schlecht nem w

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Published: Tuesday 5th of August 2003 05:52:05 AM


Craig Williams
Hey. Ok here is my rather humble opion on your folder. First I don't like any of the numbered pictures. #1 and #2 are overexposed, and harsh. #3 and #4 are poorly composed. No focal point no subject, just flowers, lots of them. The compostion of #2 and especialy #1 are much better. However, the over-exposure and harsh lighting ruins the picture. I really like the "White and pinks flowers" and the B&W image. White and pink is really well composed (I like it anyways) and has a nice back ground blur. If I was picky I would say that the colors could be brighter. Also I find the sharp flowers in the top right ditracting. Try cropping them out. The B&W is nice. I'm not a big fan of the dead center compostion, but it works with this image. Anyways hope this has been a help. And remember this is only one man's subjective opinon.

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