Dune #16

by Sousa Dias Nana

dune kodak t max ricoh grs sousa dias nana

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Published: Friday 1st of August 2003 06:02:11 PM


Patricia Eifel
Spectacular in its simplicity. Wonderful image.

Carol Watson
Another inspiring work... you truly amaze me! The simplicity of the foreground with the small waves of pattern in the sand and the footprints that take your eye to the dramatic sky make for a wonderful composition. Remarkable, as is pretty much everything in your folder.

Alan Chan
Nana, this is nice, i would definitley try Leica lens for this one - if it is an available gear in your bag !

Owen O'Meara
#16 Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. Everyone on this site wishes they had done this image, especially yours truly. -Owen

Steve J Murray

Landrum Kelly
Two simple ideas combined into a beautiful masterpiece!

Steve J Murray
Wow, another fantastic image. Where do you find these places? I'm with Owen on this one.

Michael Wagner
7/7 Hmm--another average (by your standards!) image. Very nice, Nana!!

Monika Brand
Your whole work is fantastique,even this one.Regards,Monika.

Sara Matos
great, fantastic

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