Evening immersing.

by Amelkovich Igor

evening immersing nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 1st of August 2003 10:23:27 AM


Alex Hawley
Igor, this is certainly not up to your usual excellence. The lighting is bad, the pose is not flattering. It probably looked good through the viewfinder. Hey, we all have a bad day once in a while.

Maria S.
She looks terribly uncomfortable so the logical question would be: is this your favorite position Igor? Just curious.

Toby Smith
I like it. I disagree with the negative comments, especially the "hippo" comment. Give me a break! I think it's a fantastic shot. Maybe a little underexposed but the composition is great. Who says a body has to be in a "flattering" pose to be expressionate. This shot says to me that the human body is a beautiful thing even in instances and poses that society has deemed "un-flattering". I praise both the photographer and especially the model for taking such an unusual shot! By the way, I am a guy and I think the model, what I can see of her anyway, is beautiful! Good Work!

Brian .
poor woman (or is that a hippo?) I have to agree with Alex. Igor, you've impressed me with some excellent photos. I do find most of your work to be very inspiring. This one doesn't grab me, though.

Bas W
Well I like it!

Andrew Binder
Hmmm, I suppose the position of the model here invites the silly comments posted here...but c'mon! Anyway, I would have to agree with Toby's comments, wholeheartedly. I don't think this is your best, but I do like it.

Maria Manjelo
Hmmm Da ya neznay no nemnoshko pasmyrno. Polydshe pogoda moglo bi bolshe pokazat. Ya chesno ne kogda ne videla chtob devyshki tak v vody zaxodili. :)

Igor Amelkovich
Eto ne devushka, eto begemot. Vot.

Modestos Modestou
Rear shot Why all the debate on whether the pose is unflattering or not ? It could have worked but it just didn't. She definitly looks uncofortable and I feel it was more an "lets try something different shot" and it didn't pay off. I agree that it is below Igors standards.

Peter Apostol
She lost her soap at the bottom of the sea, no really this is a good picture i find it extremely original so it gets a 7, i like the idea that she is emerging from the sea like an Aphrodite (Venus) and together with her erotic stance it strengthens that notion. The water is calm and soft and instills a pleasant & relaxing mood.

Juan Manuel IpiƱa
Wow. An invitation. A celebration of femineity.

Waldemar Nelos
Wow! I like this one a lot. Here?s why: The fuild surface makes a contrast for the firm body. (Nice view too...). Most would comment negative on the bad lit butt - but i would rahter tell you that i like it the way it is. Because it makes me think and imagine. A picture is not always what you see - it is sometimes what you can?t see... The erotic tension is great and is also enhanced by the fact that she?s holding her head down... The light however is a little weak. Maybe sidelight would have made this even better.

marc sturrock
nice i love this, it's a peach :)

Luka Tominich
"There she blows..." i love photos on the water.

Igor Amelkovich
Evening immersing Once in the evening on a coast of lake.

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