Dune #13

by Sousa Dias Nana

dune cokin red pentax smc mm x ilf sousa dias nana

Gallery: Dunes

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Published: Thursday 31st of July 2003 04:39:32 AM


Brad Kim
Great light and texture!!! Simple and elegant!!!

Nana Sousa Dias
You're right, Steve. I printed it in 12x16" fiber base and it's full of detail.

Ivan Colman
It requires a great eye to see these patterns. ANd they are nicely photographed. However I doubt if this photo would last long when hung on the wall.

Steve J Murray
I disagree with Ivan, no offense Ivan! The textures are quite strong and you would appreciate them from several feet away. The emerging light on the left becoming dark is also very noticable. Up close there is plenty to get into. Those are the two criteria I notice in a photo I can hang on the wall for a while: Attention grabbing from across the room, and fascinating up close. I'd love to see the print to see if I am right. Steve

Vlad P.
Dramatic picture. The only question, what is that dark spot in right top corner.

Chris Blaszczyk
I want to look at it 90 deg CW! I like it even better that way. Another great shot.

Dierk Topp
a comment to the whole folder Nana, as I don't know of any possibility to rate a whole folder, I put it just here: up to now it is the best folder I found in photo.net. B&W for me is just photography pure and the way you do it is superior (just next to Ansel Adams :-)) I would like to see any prints! regards Dierk

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