Spalding Gray, monologist & actor

by Walker Clay

spalding gray monologist actor seeking critique walker clay

Gallery: New York

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Portrait

Published: Tuesday 29th of July 2003 10:34:11 PM


Paul David Athey
Superb composition and wonderful lighting. I like this very much. Well done!

Clay Walker
Spalding Gray (1942-2004) I am placing this image in the critique forum (even though I originally posted this image many months ago) in loving memory of Spalding Gray whose body was finally recovered today after he was declared missing for many weeks. He was one of my greatest comedic heros and I will miss him dearly. I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing him 1988 which is where this image came from. If you are unfamiliar with his amazing body of work, please look him up and experience this wonderfully demented genius for yourself. The world will not be the same place (for me) without him.

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