Set Aglow

by Crotty Jim

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Published: Sunday 9th of September 2012 12:42:01 PM


Tony Hadley


Stephen Penland

With this intensity of light, I can only conclude that I'm looking at the sun behind these clouds.  If in fact the sun is behind me, it seems to me the saturation sliders (or contrast, or other adjustments that affect saturation) were pushed a bit too far.  However, I'm also happy to be wrong.

Graham Peel
Visually stunning

I like this image very much - mostly for the rippled waves coursing into the shore. I tend to agree with one of the other critics that it does look as if the levels have been tweaked just a touch further than some tastes would accomodate, but for myself I love it. I would be very tempted to lose the double framing and signature as I think the overall effect is heading towards something from an Athena shop, you know, one of those posters with a fab photo and then some really twee motivational proverb on it. So for those reasons I think the photo would actually do much better "naked" so to speak. It's a strong piece worthy of much consideration. Thanks for posting.


Roberto Moreira

This is beautiful. The colors are magnificent.

Jim Crotty
Reflected Light Oftentimes the most beautiful light at sunset is found opposite of the horizon where the sun is setting, especially when there's a dynamic of cloud activity. This is why I enjoy photographing skyscapes at a coastal location such as Hilton Head Island. Let me know what you think. This was from an unplanned visit to the beach on Friday evening.

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