Mother & Daughter

by Walker Clay

mother daughter seeking critique walker clay

Gallery: Memphis

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Category: Portrait

Published: Friday 25th of July 2003 03:21:47 PM


Luis Cáceres
es difícil transmitir sentimientos tan profundos en una foto, pero no con una buena foto, como ésta

Sandeha Lynch
Superbly human photo.

Darrus Pattle
Thank you For me the powerful emotions this photo triggers is is what photogrpahy is all about. Wonderful.

Jill Myers - Baltimore, MD
Stunning...thank you for sharing it with us.

Clay Walker
Thank you all! Wow! Thanks everyone for the wonderful and insightful comments. I appreciate it very, very much.

Anthony Peterson
Fine portrait Clay.

Matt Cooley
Excellent Photo This one really jumped out at me while browsing all the photos - what a great capture of emotion! It does what a great photo should - tell a story without any words!

Rick Aubin
Emotions Great image. Many memories and emotions struck me as I scrolled to this image. The balance of your grandmother looking down as your mother looks to the heavens is striking. Thanks for sharing this very personal masterpiece. Rick

Ned Jackson
Fantastic Shot This has a nice, but sad feel to it.

Bob Lorello
Lovely and poignant. Indeed a masterpiece.

Ivo Bogaerts
This one reminds me to my dementing mother, touching

Brendon Cullinan
Sadness in both faces. The mother looks down and inward, while her daughter looks at the heavens for guidance, or perhaps, with resentment. This simple human drama from your life represents the widely shared experience of one's parents becoming as needy as children. This is a masterpiece.

R Jackson
The composition and light are wonderful. The personal nature of this subject keeps it from being exploitative. Excellent photograph!

Andy K.

L Fine
Your images say what words cannot describe to their fullest.

L Fine
Your images say what words cannot describe to their fullest.

Doug Berryhill
Real, powefully emotive, technically superb. It doesn't get any better than this.

Clay Walker
Mother and Daughter This is an enormously personal photo that I took when I was about 22 years old and I do wish to share it. This was my grandmother after she had a stroke and her daughter, my mother. My grandmother passed away two years later.

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