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Gallery: Memphis

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Published: Tuesday 22nd of July 2003 12:51:35 PM


Alexei White
oh Glennie! We hardly knew ye.

W J Gibson
makes one stop and ponder great shot, great shot

Ivo Bogaerts
This is a very old grave, very good capture

Jeff Davidson
We were about to plant a tree at a friend's grave You just convinced me that it would not be a really good idea. The sense of mortality, and the return to nature, dust to dust, is dramatically shown here. Very effective. Glennie becomes Lennie... eventually becoming IE... (therefore)

L Fine
This images makes me feel that the tree is wrapping itself to comfort Glennie. This is a remarkable photograph. Good work.

Clay Walker
Grave marker Hi, I took this image nearly 15 years ago and this is the first effort I have made to show it publicly. This image was taken in a derelict cemetary in Memphis in 1988. The incision that the marker has made into the tree as the tree has grown around it almost looks like the tree is giving birth to the marker yet it was the actual grave that gave birth to the tree... The cemetary was closed and the remains moved shortly after this photo was taken.

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