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Gallery: Mountain Light

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Published: Thursday 2nd of August 2012 03:43:11 PM


Przemek Szczyrek

yes you have mother bear with pups there

this is impressive image Brian as many other images   in  your  portfolio 





Ernest Wong, CA
nice shot

Otto von Dehn

I admit - I also missed the bears the first time around. But I was impressed with the beautiful colours and how the green fades to grey. A great shot of a beautiful, rugged countryside. Excellent!

Christopher Harris

An amazing and majestic landscape, and the sow and her cub are just a bonus!  I agree with Stephen, eliminating the sky was a very good choice.  This is an awesome image of some very rugged country.  Well done!  Cheers!  Chris

Brian Goodman

Thanks guys. I was wondering if anybody would notice the Grizzly. There are actually two cubs there. A smaller one hiding in the grass. Awesome country for sure.



Lester A. Garcia

All wonderful landscape from foreground to background. Magnificent!

Stephen Penland

I missed the bears.  So much for my degree in wildlife biology (at least the student loan is paid off).

Stephen Penland

Great landscape.  It often helps to exclude the sky, as you've done here.

jorge fernandez
Brian, Amazing presentation with colors and texture out of this world. Warm regards.

Gail Harmer

Beautiful image. I can't imagine standing where you were, with all this majesty and beauty before me. It must have felt overwhelming.Is that a bear(and a cub) I see? Very nice work!

Radu Carp

Brian,a so incredible nature corner caught that make me feel so good,sharp mountains layers,green foreground all looks so good,compliments and max.

Brian Goodman
Denali.. Thanks for looking and any thoughts....

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