Elena's training.

by Amelkovich Igor

elenas training nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 15th of July 2003 02:47:30 AM


Jim Davis
I like the texture but not the scars..

Owen O'Meara
Elena Another stunnung image. The negative abrasion continues to work for you. Well done again. I think the back study is the strongest of the last three. -Owen

Tove Ingeborg Elin Solander
Nice touch with the hardly visible chain around her neck

Jussi W. Jylkka
Your photos are great. I like the combination of aggression and sex, but I would like to see you pushing the theme to its limits. Models´ poses are elegant and harmonic, but I´d like them to be a bit brutal. I don´t mean pornographic, however.

Alessandro Barone
The atmosphere like Joel-Peter Witkin Something of this picture, the atmosphere like Joel-Peter Witkin, the color, the position, and the syloutte moving on the space. It's soo nice

Rene Asmussen
!! Excellent

Bee Jay
nice work.......... regards jaya

Igor Amelkovich
Elena's training. Sand paper.

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