Hungarian shepherd

by Horvath Laszlo

hungarian shepherd horvath laszlo

Gallery: Pictures from Transylvania

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Published: Saturday 10th of February 2001 01:03:26 AM


Jack Black
Stunning Wonderful shot. The sepia tone adds warmth to an already compelling shot. Well done.

Tom Menegatos
Nice range or tones. Great expression and lighting.

Ed Matthews
Aesthetics 5, Originality 3 The man's expression makes this work, and the perceived relationship to some type of outdoor work.

Alex Robinson
Great expression - especially when mirrored by the sheep behind.

Vuk Vuksanovic
Just revisiting an old favourite and noticed the embarrassingly high scores I'd left way back in April. Oh well, this picture deserves it.

Ian Greant
ahhhh april, back in your brash youth Vuk? ;)

Truly though it's not such a bad photo to be enthusiastic about. Without pretention or posing it has intrinsic charm. Nice work!

Antonio Pinter
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 A very good couple portrait. I also love the framing, with the third head just in for a quarter.

Bill Wingell
What a charming photo! Beautifully composed, a perfect capture. I think the figure in the upper corner only adds to the overall character of this wonderful shot. (7/7)

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